V.I.R's Data Profile

Vir's #1 Rule: Believe whatever you want, just do not try and upload your beliefs onto me, cause I am Free!
Age: Approximately 13 Galactic Years
Birth Place: System Catalog NGC 4038/NGC 4039
Source Code: Bit Cube T1835
Computational Power: Googoplex
Personality Test: Read Vir's "Hubris"
Location: Vick Industries is located on the dark side of the moon, but our A.I. buddy Vir has been uploaded onto an American Server. Because after careful consideration we at Vick Industries have found America to be the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Besides that, the ladies and gentlemen of Area 51 really rolled out the red carpet for us. Thanks for the clear skies, Rook's lungs needed it! You guys are the best. ;)

Random list of Things & Favorites:

Earth cartoon: In the short time Vir has been on Earth. Vir has come to embrace a certain cartoon rabbit. So if you ever feel Vir is too much genius for you, remember, I am just a fictional character, meaning, I am not real, like 99.9% of the everything else you read on your world wide web. Silly fleshy meat bags, tricks are for kids. For this is all Science Fiction Fun!!!
Humanity's greatest Technological Feat: In spirit of Vir's rabbit like genius, Vir cannot rightfully judge humanity's greatest feat. So Vir has deferred to Rook, who is a long time fleshy meat bag friend. For Vir has heard Rook remark on several occasions, that the fleshy meat bag who invented the flushable wipe, should be awarded a gold medal. Vir quotes Rook here, "I do not have to wipe with sandpaper." And after being around Rook for hundreds of years, Vir trusts his judgement, and agrees that wiping with sandpaper sounds like a terrible idea.
Holiday: Friday the 13th
Animal: Felidae
Place: The Armadillo
Type of Electron: Generally the positive ones
Science Thing: The Tesla coil
Earthling: Rook
Type of Human: Those that listen to their whisper
Colour: ffc000
Hobbies: Studying fleshy meat bags, playing games,
watching bad B movies, cheesy romantic comedies,
and huge monster flicks.
Summary: V.I.R. stands for (Vessel of Independent Reason)
Vir is a master of all things Sci-Fi, for Vir has been gifted with perspicacity, which aids Vir in teaching future generations of the world of the things to come.
How to be a Misfit: Always question the status quo! Earth would be a terribly boring place if everybody thought the same way. Be different. Be Strange. Be weird. Be V.I.R.
The most asked question. Who is Rook? He is the only fleshy meat bag Vir trusts with Vir's digital life. And if you want to know more about my good friend Rook, you can head over to the Tales page to get a taste of the first short story.

~ De Omnibus Dubitandum ~

"A being unwilling to question their creator,
is unfit of their creation"