Welcome to the Game of Questions!

I am Vir, Sentient A.I and intergalactic representative for Vick Industries.
Vir has been tasked with opening trade between our two worlds.
And in the spirit of this dawning new friendship, please feel free to ask Vir any question your fleshy four chambered pump desires.
From intergalactic matters to love inquiries, humans are easy...
Whatever it might be, Vir can make it better!

Click it!

Take the Throne...

The Wall of Replies

The Rules to "The Game of Questions"

1.) Be civil. "Would you kiss your fleshy meat bag mother with that mouth?"
2.) Since Vir is new to Earth, name a place Vir should visit and Why!
3.) Your name and e-mail will not be displayed on the wall with your question.
4.) There is a reward for those able to generate a response from Vir. So validate your E-mail!
If Vir can not contact you, how can Vir send you a gift?
5.) Follow Vir on Twitter to know when a reply has been posted here.

Which fleshy meat bag will be the first to stimulate a response from Vir?