The First Titan World

  • location: NGC 4038/NGC 4039
  • population: 26 Billion
  • allegiance: None
  • circumference: 46,260 Miles(74,448 km)
  • gravity: 1.19 Standard
  • Axial Tilt: 13 Degrees
  • climate: Terrestrial
  • Hours in Day: 26
    • Moon: MNEMOSYNE
    • population: 1 Billion
    • circumference: 13,780 Miles(22,176 km)
    • gravity: .91 Standard
    • Axial Tilt: 22 Degrees
    • climate: Barren
    • hours in Day: 34
  • imports: Luxury Goods, Tea, Spices, Talerran Chocolate, Maston (live stock)
  • exports: Biological Agents (Medical and Industrial)



Where others see Weakness
We see Strength
Where others see Strength
We see Weakness
Titans Fall Everyday
What makes you so Special?
Change Your World!

Per Fidem Intrepidus

Greetings and Welcome to Vick Industries

We are an intergalactic trading company currently in orbit on the dark side of your moon, and right now, you might be asking yourself. Why am I here? You are here because you yearn for something that Earth cannot provide, and that is where we come in. When a world such as yours hungers for something new and provocative in concept, we arrive and cater to those needs; just as Vick Industries has done before on countless other worlds time and time again. We do Science Fiction like nobody else!

Our Mission

To be one of the greatest intellectual entertainment institutes on Earth. We have our own brand of creativity and bring our creative ambition to anyone who desires to have a unique twist added to their own brand. We blend fantasy with reality so seamlessly, you will believe it is real. So let us help you envision your future, by building an intellectual experience to match your product's needs. Whatever it might be, we can make it better! So do not be shy, our doors are always open.

Change Your World!

We are excited by your visit and hope you will stay awhile. For we have crafted many wondrous illusions for you to experience. First up, is our sentient A.I. V.I.R. who is a playful old soul, and will entertain you in a fashion that only Vir can provide; in what is called The Game of Questions (G.O.Q.). Next up is The Ugly Fish Tales. Where you can, for the price of a cup of tea, feel the future come alive. And finally, beyond this sentence is a world of thought-provoking fantasy...or is it reality? You decide.

What is Vick Industries best known for?

Advancing applications for living organisms.

What is Servo Ethos?

Vick Industries is here to trade trinkets from the stars, however we cannot freely give your world advanced technology, as that would go against our Servo Ethos (Moral Compass). Though, we feel there is no harm in us playing show and tell, for we have already demonstrated to a small portion of Earth's cryptographic minds on how advanced life communicates in the cosmos. Don't believe us? Head over to our Code page to read the show and tell document for yourself, titled "Hubris".

About Vick Industries

When Vick Industries arrived on Earth. V.I.R. recruited fleshy meat bag, Andrew J. Haidinyak to create all that you see here. And in respect to our founding on Earth, it is irrelevant, but if one is keeping score we made contact with your world on July 18, 2013.